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What is RDX?

RadioDirectx is THE service delivering new music - your music - to the world. With more than 5600 member radio stations, music reviewers and club DJs looking for the newest releases in our digital stacks, we offer a one-of-a-kind service for both independent artists and labels to promote their music to audiences in more than 100 markets around the world.

How Does RDX work?

RDX is an innovative type of service, using established relationships and custom technology, to promote and market music to radio & media worldwide. Our service cuts the time musicians spend on promotion by providing a central location for radio stations and music writers to screen & select new music.

RDX uses the Internet, email, and other technology to reach a vast number of music industry professionals in order to assist artists with the promotion and marketing of their work. With online digital delivery of audio and artist profiles, over 5700 RDX member stations and writers can instantaneously access and discover new music to play and review.

RDX provides this service free to its subscribers, so music directors and writers can preview as much music as they want to in order to find what fits their needs and interests. RDX’s capacity to reach so many music industry professionals in a matter of hours means music can be getting airplay at many stations very quickly--sometimes within hours.

Who Benefits From RDX?

RDX benefits both the artists and the music stations. For artists, RDX offers a way to have their music heard and previewed by interested Radio & Media people world-wide. It eliminates the time-consuming and complicated conventional radio promotion process of sending CDs out to radio stations at large and hoping they get heard. Instead, the radio stations listen to digital audio previews and then download high-quality digital MP3s. This means that the likelihood of airplay time for the artist is excellent, as the stations are only downloading music that they are interested in.

Radio stations and writers benefit from RDX by being able to preview music from a large number of musicians. Music directors no longer have to wade through piles of CDs sent blindly to them to decide which ones might be worth listening to. Instead, they are provided with a selection of digital song previews from each release and information about the artist so that they can pick new music efficiently.

RDX also benefits both musicians and music outlets by providing global access. No longer are artists limited to their own geographic area or country for radio promotion. And radio stations can give their playlists more diversity and excitement by adding new music they would not otherwise have discovered.

RDX Key Features

  • Special Exclusive Release Notices sent to Radio & Media informing them of new releases
  • Radio & Media can access to artist profiles, CD cover art, and digital music samples 24/7
  • Over 5600 Radio & Media subscribers worldwide
  • Affordable for musicians
  • Generate airplay opportunities within hours
  • Saves time for musicians and for radio stations


History of RDX

In 1998 the first version of Radiodirectx, then called "Trax On Demand", was launched after a request from a radio DJ in Sweden who asked if we could post an MP3 download links on a web page  (email attachments of that size took too long on dial-up 14.4 modems).  A flash of an idea emerged  - if one DJ might want a page tailored to their taste in music - then why not others?  Remember at this time MP3s were underground and just starting to emerge. RealAudio dominated. was fairly new and focused more on promoting MP3 technology rather than the mega site it would soon become. The timing seemed right to see where this took us.

We started by contacting a few more stations that we knew and thought might be interested in having a page on our site just for them and their musical preferences. Over the next few months we added more and more stations to our network. It was laborious work creating and updating each page by hand but it but paid off. Within 6 months we had 300 radio stations using our new service.

"Trax On Demand" remained active for two years before taking a hiatus. When we returned in early 2003, it was a CD-based promotion service as MP3s were frowned upon by most radio stations. Our artists sent out over 200,000 CDs to radio stations across the globe during this period, but over time MP3 were becoming a stronger force. More and more artists wanted to offer digital downloads, increasing postage costs and an open mindedness to accessing digital downloads rather than CDs occurred.

In 2005 we launched "Digidirectx" the digital delivery promotion arm. Since it's debut, it has continued to grow in both acceptance and reach - with some artists generating over 1000+ downloads. As we head into the next year we'll be wrapping up the CD service as 95% of artists prefer digital deliver. In 2010 we did a survey of our 5000+ radio & media members and discovered that 75% do or would use MP3s. Since then this number has increased to 85% and will only continue to grow until it is ubiquitous.

Today Radiodirectx services 5600+ Radio & Media members from over 100 Countries worldwide with over 1400 active artist releases and thousands of songs available in our system.



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