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How does Radiodirectx promote my music?

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Once your release is listed it is available to all radio & media 24/7. The second part of the service is a one-time eBlast to all radio & media members with your genre(s) - which is an exclusive email featuring your release - CD Cover, Bio, Streaming & Download audio file(s). Essentially what your preview looks like - that's what goes out. It's a great way for us to help spotlight your music.

When is the best time for you to send out my CD?

As we cover a global market, anytime is fine. Your release is listed for a 12 week period and available 24/7 to all current and future radio media. There is no set or required timeframe needed as you might find with a targeted, traditional radio campaign (i.e. targeting Billboard Top 40 reporting stations)


When do you promote my release to radio?

Once your release is "live" it is available to all radio & media members 24/7. The second part of the service is a one-time Exclusive Email Promotion to all radio & media members within your genre(s) - this is an exclusive email featuring your release - CD Cover, Bio, Streaming & Download audio file(s).

It's a great way for us to help spotlight and generate radio & media interest for your release. As it is an exclusive eBlast and not a list of all new releases, we limit the number sent out to ensure that we do not overwhelm or overlap similar genre releases. We space them out over time - that is we do not send out 10 per day but rather 2 or 3 per day. This can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks before your eBlast is delivered but we always try to send it as quickly as possible.

Can I see what my release page looks like?

You sure can. Look under "My Release(s)" for the link "Preview CD Page" - this is what Radio & Media members see when they visit your page.

Do I just send a copy of my music to your office?

You can upload your songs or mail a copy of your CD and we'll take care of encoding your music to the correct format and specs for you.

How long does my listing remain active?

All releases remain active for a 12 week period from the time they appear "live" on our site. "Live" occurs once your release is visible and available to our Radio & Media members for download.

What would you need from me to get started?

  1. Register yourself - wait for our review process (1-2 business days)
  2. Provide payment once approved and set a "Release Date" (new releases each Tuesday)
  3. Upload Your Song Samples

Please note that we review each submission to help ensure that we provide the best quality releases for our radio & media members and that you generates as much interest and airplay as possible.


Do we need a contract?

No. Our service is very straight forward. We list your CD for a six month term, notify our radio & media (& club Djs if applicable) about your release - they request copies if suitable for their programming or review. We've kept it as easy as possible to use for both artists and Radio/Media. If you would like a contract - we are happy to provide one if requested.


How do I know when radio has played my music?

Each radio and media member within your genre will be delivered your music. They can preview the audio samples and then download your songs if they feel it is something they can broadcast. You can track your downloads by clicking the "View Song Downloads" link where the following will be available to you 24/7: DJ Name, Station Name, City, Country and which Song was downloaded.

The digital service only provides a list of who has downloaded your music. DJs are able to post comments / feedback for your release but are not obligated due to the nature of downloading music and the numerous individual songs that they compile weekly, It becomes overwhelming for them to do so. We do include a link within your eBlast asking them to provide any comments, playlists or feedback if possible and there is also a "Feedback / Comment" box located on your release page - available 24/7. (View Artist Release Sample)

The main thing to keep in mind is that Radio & Media will generally preview music before downloading - as they only want music they are able to program or write about - which means that if they do download your music, the opportunity for airplay is excellent. Otherwise they would not download your music.


Can I get a list of member stations?

View list here.


Do you service just Internet Stations?

Not at all. Radiodirectx mainly services FM/AM, Satellite, Syndicated Programs, Magazines, eZines, Digital Radio, College Radio, Internet Stations, Podcasts and Blogs.

Are my song links broken?

I just tried to test the download of some of my songs from the Volume album and get the following error: 404 ERROR The page you are looking for has moved.

Not to worry - they all work! Only registered radio & media members that are logged in can download the music. This ensures that your music is protected for public visibility but also is an integral aspect of tracking which radio & media download your music.

Do I get feedback from radio that download my music?

Each Radio & Media can provide their feedback, comments or playlists via the following:

1) Exclusive Email Promotion - this includes a CD Cover, Email, SOngs and Request Feedback message with a link that provides a one-click method for each member to provide instant feedback about your release.This feedback is immediately available to you via your login account under "View Feedback"

2) Your Release Page: Your release page includes a comment / feedback form that is available to all registered Radio & Media members 24/7. They can provide feedback, comments and / or playlists at anytime. This feedback is immediately available to you via your login account under "View Feedback"

Special Note: Radiodirectx is not able to guarantee radio downloads, feedback, comments or playlists. and / or feedback. These are provided at the sole discretion of each Radio & Media. Downloading music is the decision of each radio & media member based upon what they find suitable for their programming.

How do I know these stations are real?

We spend a significant amount of time researching new potential Radio, Media & Club DJs. We visit their websites, reviewing the formats of music they work with, confirming addresses and employment. Once we've verified a station / media, we send an invitation to join Radiodirectx. Once registered, we verify them from our database once again and approve their account. For Radio & Media who hear about our service from other DJs - we put them through the same review process. Our goal is to ensure all registered Radio & Media are real and all information provided is accurate.

Do we service commercial radio?

Yes & No.
Commercial Radio across North America is extremely competitive. You are up against all the Major Label releases and what is on the charts. If you don't have a strong enough story or buzz about you, chances are that your release will not be considered.

Radiodirectx does service Mixshows on Commercial Stations, NAC/Smooth Jazz, Stations with local of Indie spotlight programs and a few smaller Mom and Pop stations that will give Indie's a chance.

If you are seeking commercial radio airplay in North America you will require a professional promotion company with strong relationships and experience. As an example: Music Media Network, our parent company has been promoting music to Commercial Radio since 1989 working with artists such as Iggy Pop, Moby, Maroon 5, Peter Gabriel, Dave Stewart, Hootie & The Blowfish, Celine Dion, Richard Marx, Men Without Hats, Maestro and many more.

Commercial Radio Promotion requires a full time committment to the project and that means established relationships and expertise. In the USA you will need even more than a professional promotion company - you will need a "Story" about your music (signed to a major label or distributor, video on MTV, etc..). You need something that will help get you in the door - and then you'll need to have a large budget as radio promotion does not come cheap. One radio "ADD" at one station can cost several thousand dollars - multiply that by 50 stations and you're looking at nearly 100,000 US$ for promotion. Remember - you are competing with the biggest stars who have the budget and marketing power to create hits.


What type of places will my music be serviced to?

RDX works with a very wide variety of radio stations and media. At radio we service the following types of Radio Stations & Media

  • International Programming (Voice of America)
  • Satellite Radio
  • Digital Radio
  • National Networks
  • Regional Networks
  • Syndicated Programming
  • Commercial Stations (mostly in Europe)
  • Local Stations
  • Community Stations
  • College Radio
  • Internet Radio Programs with a significant listenership.
  • Club Djs
  • SoundSystems worldwide.
  •  DJ Record Pools
  •  Podcasters

    For Media we service
  • International publications
  • National Publications
  • Regional Publications,
  • Local Publications,
  • Newspapers
  • e-Zines
  • Freelance Writers


Do I need distribution?

We've found that it is enough to have your music available on a reputable website such as your website or iTunes or or Radiodirectx is a global service and your music will be heard worldwide. Having a central website for people to purchase your releases is all that is needed.

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