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Exclusive Email Blast to Radio & Media

A one-time Exclusive Email Promotion is sent to all radio & media members within your genre(s) - this is an exclusive email featuring your release - CD Cover, Bio, Streaming & Download audio file(s).

It's a great way to generate radio & media interest for your release. As it is an exclusive eBlast and not a list of all new releases, we limit the number sent out to ensure that we do not overwhelm or overlap similar genre releases

.Delivery time: once payment has been made please allow upto 5 business days for your eBlast to be sent.

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One Time eBlast


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Your email is sent to all radio & media within your selected genre (one genre only per eBlast).

The email information includes everything on your existing release page.

  •  CD Cover Size: 150 x 150 pixels
  •  Artist Name
  •  CD Title
  •  Genre(s)
  •  Streaming Audio Samples
  •  Release Instant Download Links
  •  Link to your release page

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