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I just want to say BIG THANKS for all the music and
Information. Radio Direct is truly a great resource.
M. Julien WDET FM

I don't know how the heck you do it with all the CDs being issued. I wanted to let you know that it's much appreciated as you can tell from my logs.
Jacques - CKCU FM Canada

My compliments. What a service, what a production.....WOW.

It's a great service, thanks for the opportunity to participate.

We are enjoying being associated with your firm. You are very efficient.
Damien - SNOW FM

Keep up the good work, the quality of music and service is first class
John Reid

I want to thank you for your service. I really appreciate the CDs, and send playlists at the end of each month.
Tom Pearson

First thing first: awesome initiative!
Andreas - Radio AF

As a recent member of your vast circle of contacts may I say that the service you supply is both prompt and highly efficient. Full marks to all concerned .
John Reid Keith Community Radio

We love yooz guys. Thanks a lot!!!!
Niel Jung. Music Director KAJX Aspen Public Radio

The service is great, and so are the CD's. I'm playing 'em all on the show -lots. Many thanks TONY WICKHAM

Thanks for such a great service, it really is fantastic!
Jason Wellwood, MD - CILU

Thank you for the promo-CDs and for organizing your remarkable project.
Guido Schlösser - ProJazz - Germany

Just want to say thank you for the high quality music i´ve got in touch with, through your service.
Robert Lochmann, Radio X - Germany

l am very impressed with your services provided and with the level of musicianship you have become affiliated with and work with.
Laurence Donohue-Greene - AllAboutJazz Editor New York

I really value the service provided by Radio Direct X, Community
Radio 3WAY-FM

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide. You've allowed me to introduce some great musicians to KASU's listeners. It's music that we'd never know about without your service!

We used this service since a long time and we just love it.
Upper Room Radio Show

Thanks so much for a great service that helps to find those up and coming artist before they're too uppity!
High Plains Public Radio

Have been a Radio Direct Member for years now and I thank you very much for this invaluable service.
Rafel Corbi Radio Palafrugell

Really pleased with your service and hopefully you won't stop.
Radio M.I.L.O

RadioDirectX helps me in finding quality records that are relatively unknown to the world. As I'm always in search for those I can hardly do without it.
Paul (Harkie) van Gelder Nightjock VARA (Dutch national radio) , Radio 227,Radio Waddenzee, Radio Lelystad, WOLD internet radio Translator VPRO, Writer Aloha

"A great and convenient way to promote music. For the busy and savvy music person who is multi tasking between radio and press work this service is perfect. On demand 24/7 just like the lifestyle! "

Your service can be summed up in one word: excellent! I like it because you inform me of the release, provide a link to the web  site and most importantly, let me decide whether I would like to receive a  particular release. This is so much better than receiving CDs which may not interest me.
Jerry D'souza - Freelance Writer

 Quality music at the click of a button - it doesn't  come much easier.With the emphasis on searching for the ever new and different, RadioDirectX has become a valuable resource.
Bob Winter - Australia

RadioDirectX is an excellent source of information about new, independent releases that could otherwise pass unnoticed. I'm glad I subscribed to the service.
Carlos R. Camuñas

RadioDirectX features artists that are exceptional in delivering a feel that sets up a variety of vocal and instrumental grooves that are in the pocket. RadioDirectX is my best source for new award winning artists.
Les Tarr KMFB-FM 92.7 / 96.7

JazzRadioDirectX provides a rare opportunity to showcase talent on Sydney, Australia radio that would otherwise not happen. It is a service that is unique and allows this broadcaster an opportunity show quality performers that don't come from the USA mainstream.
Dick Hughes Jazz Action - Sydney, Australia

The "RadioDirectX"'s service it's been and it's a very important resource for helping to program my Radio Broadcast. My program is listened, by Radio and by web,in some Countries by a great number of artists, important labels, organizers, music's schools, editors and passioned, that thanks to "Radio Directx"'s service, now, can know and to appreciate new many interesting artists from other Countries (Canada, U.S.A., North Europe...).For the artists "managed" by this service is a precious support also the regular, weekly insertion in the official web site, in which I insert their CD cover photos (or the artist's photos)that create a visual fix advertising promotion. So, to finish,the "RadioDirectx"'s service is a precious support for a world-wide circulation of good musicians, creating also possible and interesting contacts, work occasions and cultural exchanges.
Prof. Bruno Pollacci - - Punto Radio - Pisa - Italy

Since one year I use the services of RadioDirectX for "feeding" myprogramme in North of France.For me and my listeners, it's important to have the possibility to discover that the best music doesn't come inevitably from the United States. With the help of RadioDirectX' sendings, it's sure that my programme has become more original than before!
Claude Colpaert Radio Campus France

From my vantage point, I have only but praise for this service. I believe it's a win-win situation for the artist and for reviewers. You have offered excellent service.
John Stevenon - Freelance Writer




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