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"Until we found you, it was almost impossible for us to get our local artists any airplay on international radio – we just got blocked every step of the way.So your business is extremely helpful to us and it does wonders for our artists to know that their album has been sampled internationally."
G. Sanders SONY/BMG MUSIC South Africa

"Getting radio play is still widely considered to be the most important  aspect of marketing a new single or introducing a new artist to the  world, both for direct sales and to attract further industry attention,  so don't even think about not putting your music forward to this revolutionary service! We cannot recommend it highly enough!"
Musical Anthology Record Company.

"RDX is fantastic. As a musician with a record label, I have benefited enormously from RDX. Thanks to it, my music is being heard across North  America, Europe, Australia and beyond. I have listeners, reviews, contacts  and sales I would have never otherwise had. Customer service is first-class.   RDX is as close to an essential service as one could imagine in the music industry. I recommend RDX to anyone and everyone in music. THANK YOU RDX!"
Ron Davis, Pianist/Composer

There's not a doubt in my mind, without RadioDirectX we would have not attained as much airplay and interest in our artists that we have. Your service is on point and you do what you say you'll do. Thank you.
Acie Legrand & Marc Myers, Get Real Records LLC


How does Radiodirectx promote my CD?

read complete information here

What would you need from me to get started?

  1. Register yourself
  2. Provide payment and set a "Release Date" (new releases each Tuesday)
  3. Mail your CD or Email Your Song Samples (


Do you have some references for the results you have produced?
Yes - many. You are welcome to contact several of our artist/clients for their feedback about our service. Contact references will be provided upon request. You can also read our artist testimonials.

Do we need a contract to outline all of the terms and expectations?
No. Our service is very straight forward. We list your CD for a six month term, notify our radio & media (& club Djs if applicable) about your release - they request copies if suitable for their programming or review. We've kept it as easy as possible to use for both artists and Radio/Media. If you would like a contract - we are happy to provide one if requested.

Are there any other contacts, e-mails etc.. of people we can talk to at RadioDirectX?
Absolutely. You can call us Toll Free @ 1-888-746-7234 or email us at

On top of the fee am I also expected to ship enough stock to you for distribution to the stations that make a CD request.
We only require the promotion fee. Shipping and postage costs are your responsibility. There are no additional fee's once you've provided payment for your promotional campaign.

Can I get a list of member stations? I just want to cross check my list so I'm not sending out info to stations I'm already covering with you.
View list here.

Why is your Jazz Service price higher than other genres?
We have a large jazz radio & media member list (Over 1400). The response is higher for jazz the other genres due to the number of Radio & Media which requires more work to administrate your release - including monitoring hundreds of playlists weekly worldwide.

Do you service just Internet Stations?
Not at all. Radiodirectx mainly services FM/AM, Satellite, Syndicated Programs, Magazines, eZines, Digital Radio, College Radio, & some select Internet Stations.

How do I know these stations are real?
We spend approx. 20 hours weekly researching new potential Radio, Media & Club DJs. Visiting their websites, reviewing the formats of music they work with, confirming addresses and employment. Once we've verified a station / media, we send an invitation to join Radiodirectx. Once registered, we verify them from our database once again and approve their account. For Radio & Media who hear about our service from other DJs - we put them through the same review process. OUr goal is to ensure all registered Radio & Media are real and all information provided is accurate.

What if I already serviced a radio station on your list?
As all stations have a variety of hosts/DJs, we work can work with many DJs from the same station - all with different types of radio shows, listeners and show times during the week. If you have already serviced a station it may only be available in the New Release section or it was sent directly to only one show host - either way, it is more effective to have more than one person at a station playing your CD as it will result in more airplay - which can lead to more exposure and potential playlisting. Sometimes we service each show host which is very effective as some also moonlight as Club DJs   and can then take your CD and showcase it to their audiences - this equals additional exposure and airplay.

Do we service commercial radio stations in North America?
Yes & No.
Commercial Radio across North America is extremely competitive. You are up against all the Major Label releases and what is on the charts. If you don't have a strong enough story or buzz about you, chances are that your release will not be considered.

Radiodirectx does service Mixshows on Commercial Stations, NAC/Smooth Jazz, Stations with local of Indie spotlight programs and a few smaller Mom and Pop stations that will give Indie's a chance.

If you are seeking commercial radio airplay in North America you will require a professional promotion company with strong relationships and experience. As an example: Music Media Network, our parent company has been promoting music to Commercial Radio since 1989 working with artists such as Hootie & The Blowfish, Celine Dion, Richard Marx, Men Without Hats, Maestro and many more.

Commercial Radio Promotion requires a full time committment to the project and that means established relationships and expertise. In the USA you will need even more than a professional promotion company - you will need a "Story" about your music (signed to a major label or distributor, video on MTV, etc..). You need something that will help get you in the door - and then you'll need to have a large budget as radio promotion does not come cheap. One radio "ADD" at one station can cost several thousand dollars - multiply that by 50 stations and you're looking at nearly 100,000 US$ for promotion. Remember - you are competing with the biggest stars who have the budget and marketing power to create hits.

What type of radio stations & media will my music be serviced to?
RDX works with a very wide variety of radio stations and media. At radio we service the following types of Radio Stations & Media

  • International Programming (Voice of America)
  • Satellite Radio
  • Digital Radio
  • National Networks
  • Regional Networks
  • Syndicated Programming
  • Commercial Stations (mostly in Europe)
  • Local Stations
  • Community Stations
  • College Radio
  • Internet Radio Programs with a significant listenership.
  • Club Djs
  • SoundSystems worldwide.
  •  DJ Record Pools
  •  Music Video TV Programming

    For Media we service
  • International publications
  • National Publications
  • Regional Publications,
  • Local Publications,
  • Newspapers
  • e-Zines
  • Freelance Writers

Do I need Distribution?
We've found that it is enough to have your CD available on a reputable website such as or Radiodirectx is a global service and your music will be heard worldwide. Having a central website for people to purchase your releases is all that is needed.


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