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Radio & Media FAQ's

Is there a fee for your service?
No. There is no cost to you at any time. Our service is provided to all radio & media free as you are helping to promote music from our artists.


Is the music Podcast & Blog friendly?

Yes, you can use all music on your blog or podcast anytime.

Can I choose what music I want access to?

When you create your account you'll be able to select the styles of music you'd like access to.

I'm no longer on radio - can I cancel my account?

Of coarse - just contact us with your name and we'll take care of that for you.

What format is the music available?

All releases are digital MP3 downloads encoded at 320K.

What would you need from me to get started?

Once you register, we'll verify your information and then approve your account. Once approved you'll receive email confirmation and then you can login and access/download any music you are interested in.


Can I get a list of member stations?

View list here.


Do you service just Internet Stations?

Not at all. Radiodirectx mainly services FM/AM, Satellite, Syndicated Programs, Magazines, eZines, Digital Radio, College Radio, Internet Stations, Podcasts and Blogs.

What type of places will my music be serviced to?

RDX works with a very wide variety of radio stations and media. At radio we service the following types of Radio Stations & Media

  • International Programming (Voice of America)
  • Satellite Radio
  • Digital Radio
  • National Networks
  • Regional Networks
  • Syndicated Programming
  • Commercial Stations (mostly in Europe)
  • Local Stations
  • Community Stations
  • College Radio
  • Internet Radio Programs with a significant listenership.
  • Club Djs
  • SoundSystems worldwide.
  •  DJ Record Pools
  •  Podcasters

    For Media we service
  • International publications
  • National Publications
  • Regional Publications,
  • Local Publications,
  • Newspapers
  • e-Zines
  • Freelance Writers




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