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There is no cost at anytime. Our goal is to provide you great music from artists worldwide and to provide those artist the opportunity to reach new listeners and readers. As a member you will have the opportunity to request any new CD release we offer in any style of music you prefer. It's easy. It's free and there is no obligation.

The only requirement to using our service is that you provide basic feedback in a reasonble amount of time. Feedback can be in the form of personal comments, listener comments, reviews, playlists or charts. Anything that we can share with the artist so they know the response to their music. Once you've requested any release there are several ways to provide what we term as "feedback"

Providing feedback, comments or playlists
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Feedback, your personal comments or playlists are a crucial aspect to our service as it helps our artists know what you think about their music and if you've utilized any of the downloads. We know that it can be overwhelming to provide feedback for every song you download and do not expect you to BUT do ask thay you provide some type of feedback such as "love it and will use it this week on my show", "playlist link", etc..

  1. Click the Provide Feedback link when you receive a new release email
  2. Login and use the "Provide FeedbacK" link located on each release anytime
  3. Provide Feedback when you receive the "Feedback Requested" email





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