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Renew your release listing

Each release listing is for a period of one year starting from the date your release goes "live" on After this one year listing, you can continue to have your release available for another 12 month period.
When you renew - is only for existing releases currently "live" on Radidirectx, not to add a new release.That is a new payment.

The benefits of continuing your release listing is that it will remain active and available to all current and future radio & media members 24/7.  We add new stations and media every week - each one will be able to access your release - increasing your potential fan base by having thousands of new listeners hear your music on these new shows, stations, podcasts, blogs and more.

One Year Listing Renewal                                                          

  Renew Single: Price: $50 USD

  Renew E.P.: Price: $99 USD

  Renew Album: Price: $150 USD

You will receive a confirmation email once payment has been made indicating your renewal period start and end date.

All releases that have expired (releases not renewed after the 12 month listing period) will be deleted from our system within 30 days of expiry. This includes all information pertaining to your release  - download tracking, feedback, songs, bio, etc.




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