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Until we found you, it was almost impossible for us to get our local artists any airplay on international radio – we just got blocked every step of the way.So your business is extremely helpful to us and it does wonders for our artists to know that their album has been sampled internationally. I am incredibly happy with the work we have done together and the results we have achieved.
G. Sanders SONY/BMG MUSIC South Africa

You guys are definitely amazing!
Carlos Javier Ramírez
(Latin) Oct. 2012

"Radiodirectx - I'm quite happy with the first day results. Better than I expected, very impressive actually."
Robin Stanley
( Americana/Folk) Oct. 2012.

"Thank you so much Radiodirectx for getting this project out there! Great response so far!" -
Deborah Shulman
(Jazz)Oct 2012

"I want to Thank Radiodirectx for doing a great job promoting my song" -
Andre Hudson
(HipHop/Urban) Aug. 2012

"I love your work and don't you worry as I've already started recommending other artists to your site for radio promotions."
Ray Ramon
(Christian/Pop/RnB/Soul) July 2012

"I logged into my account ...and as if by magic I had my first download and a very positive review..very cool! "
Thanks Radiodirectx!
Darnell (HipHop) June 2012

"Radiodirectx - You're by far the best Radio Dist service out there :))
Ray Tarantino (Americana/Folk/Pop) June 2012


Thank you for all your help with my new CD, "Time After Time"!
Fred Stark (Jazz) March 2012

"We greatly appreciated your services. You got us started internationally, now we are 400+ radio stations!
Thanks again radiodirectx! I could not have gotten there without out starting through you."
Ren & "T" – (RnB/Soul – Christian) Dec 2011

Our album still trickles out over your super system - we've just had a flurry of new requests nearly 2 years on, and as a result the download sales via CDbaby also continue - thanks.
Wright at the Poolside by Wright at the Poolside

Our Quintet has a new jazz CD out, and I will definitely be promoting it with RadioDirectX

Mark Harrison - Jazz Artist

"This program is incredible!!! I need more info on this, need to learn how maximize from it. "
MDM Recording / Universal

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful that God led me to your site and appreciate your service at Radiodirectx. I have truly enjoyed being connected with your company, in less than a month, I look forward to a lasting relationship with your company for the years to come!

RadioDirectx is the best promo Co. I've ever seen...Period!
Ace Diamond

OH MY GOD - this is unbelievable how many requests I have had just in the last hour
Harriet Berkal-Sarbit Chief Operating Officer/Creative Director

Your service is the most fantastic and exciting tool i've ever come across! now with the feedback starting to come in, i feel my music is finally getting out there and I couldn't be happier.
Lenka Lichtenberg   

Thanks again for the great service.
Chris Antonik 

This service is amazing by the way. I'll be telling other labels and artists to join you guys.
Jason Eli Orr - Groovedelica Records, New Zealand & Radiodirectx DJ Subscriber 

When you contacted DeafCat Records in November of 2005, we thought "oh well, just another pitch for us to invest into a Myspace mentality of empty promises." However since you were willing to back up your service and after speaking to some of your satisfied customers, we decided to try out your service. We listed our first release, Aubrey's Honey and the Shame, and we were so pleased by the results that we have listed two additional releases and plan to submit more in the future. To have our DeafCat artists playing on such prestigious radio stations such as German and Greek National Radio is testament enough for us to recommend RadioDirectX to all of our clients. Thanks for helping us make the dreams of new and emerging artists come true.!!
Paul Ulasien   DeafCat Music/Records LLC       

"RDX is fantastic. As a musician with a record label, I have benefited enormously from RDX. Thanks to it, my music is being heard across North  America, Europe, Australia and beyond. I have listeners, reviews, contacts  and sales I would have never otherwise had. Customer service is first-class.   RDX is as close to an essential service as one could imagine in the music industry. I recommend RDX to anyone and everyone in music. THANK YOU RDX!"
Ron Davis, Pianist/Composer   

I'm very satisfied with the service RadioDirectX is giving and that I will continue to use your services in the future. The 3 month extension and now the inclusion of my CD within your Jazz Releases just show that RadioDirectX is a company to be loved and cherished.
Mark Van Overmeire     

I'm proud to be associated with Radiodirectx."RDX is the proving ground for anyone's music. They're in the trenches. If they put it out there and people (DJs) like it, you can bet the farm on it.
Train, LITO Records 

This is recording artist Saxophonist Darron McKinney from Detroit Michigan. After the promotion of my Soft Spoken CD by RadioDirectx My music career has taken off like a rocket with high paying concerts and major booking agency adding me to there roster. This is the BEST RADIO PROMOTION Company in the WORLD I am so Happy..............
Darron McKinney    

The feedback that I have received is phenomenal! So much that can't keep up. But what I really wanted to say, is that you have help me established some of the most rewarding relationships one could want, including with you.
N-Side - Poet/Artist

I don't know if you read the feedback,since you have so many artists you represent,so I wanted to share with you the gratitude and thanks I feel for taking on my cd. So far ,the response has been beyond my wildest dreams.

As an artist you hope and pray that people will "get"you,that they will understand what you are trying to say with lyrics and music. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart, the fee I paid is paltry compared with what is happening with my music. Just wanted you to know.
Deborah Shulman

"You do such a wonderful service. Thank you."
ShyAnne Mailen

We are simply overwhelmed with requests from radio stations around the world for the music of The Cumberland Trio thanks to RadioDirectX! To say we are pleased with your service is the understatement of the new century! The station requests just keep pouring in every day, and the emails we are receiving from those stations who have requested our music through RadioDirectX is just humbling and very positive. The BEST news of all is that because of RadioDirectX, we have become one of the TOP TEN sellers on CDBaby, which is the result of these 250+ stations directing their listeners there to buy our CDs and DVDs! Bottom line is that RadioDirectX is the BEST thing that has ever happened to Independent label music! THANKS to Jesse and all the guys and Gals at RDX! Hope to see and meet you all when we come to Toronto in November to pay homage to our great friend, Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall.

Forever Young & Folk On,
Jerre  - The Cumberland Trio

You guys ROCK! Between the two CDs we are promoting we have already
received over 300 requests in the first month and the feedback has been
excellent! As you say, you have to have a product worth listening to,
however given that, if no one knows it is out there then it is the tree
falling in the forest. RadioDirectX has gotten them out there as promised
and we are seeing the results from all over the world. WOW!
Thanks RadioDirectX. You have a customer for life!
Doug Henry Blue Cat Blues Records

Just wanted to say that I'm impressed with the speed and number of responses I've received since listing my CD "Mistura" with RadioDirectX.
Mark Duggan

Thank you so much! This really works. Thank you for all of your help.
Will McMains

This has been a very positive experience for me and I look forward to placing my next release at the beginning of 2007 with you too! Thanks for your professionalism and being there for the busy Indie Artist who may not have the time, help or resources to do EVERYTHING, i.e., make money, pay bills, write, perform, rehearse, promote, negotiate, book shows, promote, network, promote. And oh, did I say PROMOTE?!!! Thanks for being there.
Vertice Williams

Hello - I am so happy with the feedback I am receiving from RadiodirectX - I have told many people about it so they could join too.
Kiki Wow

I am currently registered with radiodirectx as a country music artist. I love your service and can't believe my CD is being played worldwide. I'm glad I took the extra step to promote my music on your site. There is no better way to promote your music than with radiodirectx! Thank you!
Darrin Allen

thanks again, you guys are really great...very professional and timely..
can't stress it enough...
jahsun  High Hopes Conscious Records

Summerstown at Country Radio Worldwide!
We're extremely grateful to the program directors at country radio around the world embracing the release of SUMMERSTOWN. To date, over 150 stations across Canada, Europe and Australia have added the title track to their playlists, with more being added every day. Thank you to Jesse King, Rita and everyone at RadioDirectX promotions for a terrific campaign.
Phil Christie  

First of all I'd like to tell you that I'm highly satisfied with
RadiodirectX service, and I keep telling everyone how positive the service
is. I've added a banner of yours in our website, just to tell you.
Valerio L. Meletti 

I've had so many requests from all over the world thru RadioDirect... what a great service it is!

I just wanted to express my appreciation and give you kudos for the great service that RadioDirectX provided on promotion for my 2 singles. It proved invaluable and effective to the point that the feedback received helped me to make the decision to go ahead with funding on production for a full CD. My new 7-song CD is being fast-tracked in the studio and should be ready for release near the end of January. I will without question take advantage of RadioDirectX services for promotion.
Jeff Eaton / Artist - USA     

We've been very happy with the results, as well as your own professional and expedient business practices!
Dylan Bell - Cadence  

First of all, I just joined your service and I am very, very  impressed and excited by the immediate results I've gotten!! I never  would have been able to find the radio stations all over the world that have requested my CD. Thank you!!!!
June Bisantz-Evans    

Radio Directx by the way was fantastic. It’s a great way to get your music around the world at a very reasonable price.
Redwater Records

We have been blown away by the amount of requests for the Kooii album and I think the service you provide is just awesome.
FunkFolk Records

I had around 52 CD request and still counting ! 14 from Europe, 7 from Canada, 19 from the US, 1 from Africa and, 11 from Australia...
Thanks a lot for this a great initiative !!

You have revitalized a funk legend's career. And the ice has been broken once again between Herbie Hancock and Paul Jackson due to the success of FUNK ON A STICK. Paul Jackson and I can't thank you enough. Paul is meeting this week with representatives from The Blue Note Club chain for future bookings due in part to RadiodirectX's involvement in getting Paul airplay.

Tony Adamo - UrbanZone Records / UrbanZone Productions

Thank you for providing such an innovative and progressive service.
Brian Alexanian, Manager, Benefits of Doubt

I'm guessing we will need to print up a bunch more cds. Already, as of 6am this morning I had a dozen requests for our music. It's amazing!
Kriste Peoples

"After spending a lot of time searching for jazz radio stations, and sending out a few CD's, our label decided to try RadioDirectX. The first CD we sent was a third-stream jazz CD - VERY small market for sales or airplay. Within a week we had over a hundred requests, from New York to Melbourne to Minsk. This service has been far and away the most useful promotional tool we've employed. We are also very happy with the level of personal service we've received from RadioDirectX - phone calls are returned (gasp!), emails answered promptly - this company is terrific!"
Christopher Woitach, Jazz Guitarist and Composer,Teal Creek Records

I just want to say RDX really does what it says.
In three weeks now I already had 64 requests from DJs which
I am familiar with. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to find your company
And get our dance release promo international to Canada & US Markets
without the hassle submitting stuff without request or calling. Great job...
Acossi Records

I cannot find words to thank you, and the RadiodirectX posse, for starting me out on what has been an unbelievable year. My Cd is now all over the world, with all the top Reggae radio Jocks..including "Prince Thiery", he is a special person in the business.
Eddie Murray - Double Trouble Reggae

Thanks so much for your services, I have been thrilled with the response. Keep it up and take care.
Evan Davis Kirkpatrick Manager: As We Speak

Great job folks,!!!!!!! I coundn't be more pleased with your company!!!!!!
-Genre Peak

"If you're a small fish swimming in a big pond - then Radiodirectx is the extra fin you need to swim upstream. Courtesy, service, support and results will keep you moving full speed
ahead. Thanks radiodirectx, because of you, we're on map worldwide."
-Linda Felder - President Many Moods Productions

I was very suprised by all the reguest and it gave me a good feeling
too. Its no doubt that without RDX i had never reach all these people ,
iam thanks full for that. And all these great feedback give me a kick and lots of inspiration
for the future.
-Arthur Castilllion

Hey, just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for the great response in the last two has been very gratifying so far on this end..thank you for a great experience thus far.
-Kayle Brecher  BrecherJazz

I'd heartily recommend RadiodirectX to anyone who's looking for a cost effective means of promoting their music to radio and the music press.You've done a great job growing the RadioDirectX service and making it more efficient in getting feedback. I'm impressed!
-Mike Kaplan - Smokin' Section LLC

You guys provide a fantastic service. My Cd has been up for less then a week and I have over 70 requests. Thanks again.
Earnest Walker Jr. 

Frank & I are really pleased with the results we've gotten so far with the requests and feedback!
-Diane Marino   

Getting some great responses from the recipients of my music...
Silver Kamel Audio   

I've had a whopping number of requests for my CD, great feedback, and
airplay all over the world. i love the fact that my music is enjoyed by so
many people. Thanks to all the staff at RDX for this invaluable connection
and their friendly and helpful service.
Zoe Chilco  

As an artist, I am more than pleased with your service.. I like the fact that the radio stations choose the cds. This way, I know someone is interested in my work and is waiting to receive the package when it is delivered rather than have it remain in a stack of unsolicited cds that may never get played.

Congratulations! You have discovered a way to bridge the gap between the artist and radio stations world wide. You were given a "master plan". I am so glad it was given to you...someone who has compassion for the "starving artists'" by making your incredible services affordable for us.
I am so impressed with your service that I have become an affiliate.

Theola Bright - WHIL FM DJ and Artist

WE ARE GETTING REQUESTS.....its sooo cool! Great job you guys!
Music Oracle Ltd.

We are very happy with the amount of responces we have received. Thanks for the work you have at RadiodirectX have done for 21 against
21 Against - UK

I'm finding radiodirectx a great tool to get my music out there.
Kat La Kay

Getting radio play is still widely considered to be the most important  aspect of marketing a new single or introducing a new artist to the  world, both for direct sales and to attract further industry attention,  so don't even think about not putting your music forward to this revolutionary service! We cannot recommend it highly enough!
Musical Anthology Record Company.

It's been a great experiance, best,
Thom @ Rhombus Records

There's not a doubt in my mind, without RadioDirectX we would have not attained as much airplay and interest in our artists that we have. Your service is on point and you do what you say you'll do. Thank you.
Acie Legrand & Marc Myers, Get Real Records LLC

I have been checking out our feedback, and I have to admit that I'm very
proud and slightly overwhelmed! All is good!
Trevor Finlay Band

RDX.. has definitely been a good idea for us.. and I am sure you wont mind knowing that it will always be a part of future promotional plans for us. You have really allowed us to
move our company forward, and attain a lot of prestige.
Thunderbird Productions Reggae Record Label

First of all, I want to say how impressed I am with your service; we  are surprised at the number of responses we have had in the last  couple of days for a copy of the Club Mix of "Every Time I Try".
The Cutting Edge Band - Musicians

I would love to once again subscribe to Radiodirect X. I had a great experience the last release, and my new release is just out.
Brenda Earle - Musician

It feels GREAT to see all the requests!!!!!!!!!
Anthony McGregor - Musician

"Radio Directx is a well oiled machine that works with great effeciency"
Taj Weekes - Musician

I am pleased with working with you. We hit a lot of otherwise very-hard-to-reach prospects. There have been complimentary and thankful replies.
Arthur Lipner - Musician

I am very pleased to be associated with such a wonderfull outfit. I know it's a lot of hard work, but don't for a moment think that it is not appreciated.
One love, Ed Murray

To put it simply, I am in tears (of joy!)
Thank you so much for helping me with the Radio Direct X stuff and for being such nice people.
Denise Baker - Musician

I was really happy with the response to the record. Some of the stations have followed up with me directly--which is great! I've also started to see more sales in those areas of the world, which is great exposure.
Teraesa Vinson (Musician/Client)

Really appreciate this service. Been enjoying corresponding with broadcasters all over the world! So fun and inspiring!
B. Taft (Musican/Client)

"I wanted to let you know that I think this service you're offering is very cool for an independent artist like me to get the WORLD."
Steve Yeager (Musician/Client)

"it is pretty amazing how we have received so many requests so quickly!!!"
Daniela Nardi (Client)

"The response to the CD so far has been wonderful Thank you so much for this service. I will continue to subscribe".
D Aitken (Musician/Client)




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